The Woke Coach on KARE 11


Seena Hodges, Founder + CEO of The Woke Coach®, was recently featured on Women Crushing it Wednesday on KARE 11. Check out the segment and accompanying article below!


The full piece from KARE 11, by Brian Piatt:

SAINT PAUL, Minn. — Seena Hodges says she believes the work she's doing is her calling. 

"This is the work I want to wake up and do every single day," she says. 

Seena founded "The Woke Coach" in 2018, which is a business aimed at helping people dive more deeply into the issue of race.

"I founded The Woke Coach because I really believe that racially equity is the defining issue of your time," she says. "Our mission is to help folks become the best, most understanding and most empathetic versions of themselves around issues of racism, bias, injustice and ally-ship."

Seena does that through working with companies and organizations that want to create inclusive environments, through one-on-one and group coaching sessions and also public workshops. 

"The work of anti-racism is not a trend. It's a lifestyle. So, ally-ship means that you're in this for the lifelong haul," Seena says. 

Seena says it's hard to describe what she's been experiencing since the death of George Floyd. As she continues to guide others through the deep work of understanding racial equity, she says she has hope that progress is possible.

"We should listen but we have to listen with an ear toward action," she says, "You have to do something about what you're hearing."

"This work doesn't belong to one group of people, it doesn't belong to one individual, there's room for everyone to do the work," Seena says. "We each need to find out what our roles are and we need to actively play those roles."