The Woke Coach has a new look!


It is a new year, new era, new look for us here at The Woke Coach. 

What changed?

We simplified our logo down to its essence. The new logo is bolder, brighter and easier to read. 


Our color palette is the same, but now when shapes overlap — symbolizing difference, connections, intersectionality, collaboration — new brighter, bolder colors are created. We wanted to highlight the exciting changes clients go through — the hope, growth, positivity — and our own spirit of joy in the work.


Why this change?

We have had our old logo and look since our start in 2018. So much has changed since then, both internally — we have a team! — and in our world. Founder + CEO Seena Hodges wanted something that felt like it better matched our spirit.

What will change for you?

Nothing! It will be the same service, content and the same Woke Coach that you know and love. Just brighter and bolder!

A new and improved website

Be sure to check out our updated website! Find what you’ve missed on our blog, The Woke Work. Catch up with our current offerings for Businesses and Organizations, and for Individuals.

Your turn!

What are some changes you're making in this new year and new era? How are you showing up as your boldest, brightest self and how are you representing your purpose to others? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn!