Allyship 101: From The Woke Coach


Remember that allyship is a life-long commitment. Here’s how to stay engaged:

  1. Deepen your race analysis.
    Engage with books, podcasts, trusted online resources, courses, and workshops. Some recommendations are below.

  2. Make an active and ongoing personal accountability list…
    of all of the ways your will use your privilege for the benefit of others.

  3. Connect with white folx who are doing this work.
    This is where you direct your questions. You all should create opportunities to learn together.

  4. Recognize that this work is not about you.
    Center Black womxn. Center Black voices. Listen to Black womxn.

  5. And finally, allyship is action!
    So if this commitment is not for you, that’s ok. But please stay out of the way of the folx that are activated and working for change.


This list of resources is short for a reason. On your allyship journey, it’s important that you have a foundational understanding of race in this country. To that end, we recommend that you engage with ALL of these items. You can engage in any order, but don’t pick and choose. 

Read this book:

Stamped from the Beginning — by Ibram X. Kendi

Listen to this podcast:

"1619" — by Nikole Hannah-Jones (for The New York Times

Watch these: 

"Bobby Kennedy for President" — Netflix 

"Eyes on the Prize" — PBS 

Also, The Woke Coach™ offers learning opportunities.

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