How do we approach systemic inequities in volunteerism? [VIDEO]


"We don't volunteer with an eye toward what folks actually need." – Seena Hodges

The Woke Coach CEO, Seena Hodges, was among community leaders who spoke with HandsOn Twin Cities Executive Director, Tracy Nielsen, to discuss equity and volunteerism. The conversations delve into the heart of how and why systemic inequities show up in volunteerism, the importance of picking a lane, and how we might redefine volunteerism. 

HandsOn Twin Cities also hosted a virtual panel on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – Voluteerism & Equity: A Bold Conversation – moderated by Seena. Community leaders and panelists included Renay Dossman, President of Neighborhood Development Center (NDC); Adair Mosley, President and CEO of Pillsbury United Communities; and Danielle Grant, President and CEO of AchieveMPLS. You can access a recording of this conversation on the HandsOn Twin Cities' Instagram page.