MSP Transforming, Advancing Racial Equity — presented by Greater MSP


The Woke Coach was thrilled to take part in MSP Transforming, to discuss Advancing Racial Equity, and the bold steps we must take to make our region a just, peaceful and prosperous place for everyone.

Check out these Discovery and Discussion Videos, hosted by Dr. Abdul M. Omari, and featuring local thought leaders Duchesne Drew (Minnesota Public Radio), John Naylor (Medica), Adair Mosley (Pillsbury United Communities), Danielle Steer (Lunar Startups), Audra Robinson (Rocky Robinson), Acooa Ellis (Greater Twin Cities United Way), and and our very own Seena Hodges.

Greater MSP — Minneapolis St. Paul Regional Economic Development Partnership. MSP Transforming. Advancing Racial Equity. Brought to you by Greater MSP.

MSP Transforming is a 4-part digital series that explores sweeping changes in how we think about race and equity, jobs and opportunity, the spaces and places in our region and the relationship of work with the rest of our lives. This series amplifies the voices of innovative leaders across our region who are working on the frontier of these transformations. MSP Transforming is presented by Greater MSP.

Have thoughts? Questions? Drop by Instagram or Facebook to let us know your takeaways on the series. You can also check out the Advancing Racial Equity segment and more at Greater MSP’s follow-up event, Jobs and Reimagining Our Future, on Wednesday, April 28, 2021.