We are looking for Facilitators, Coaches + a Community Manager!

In search of: Facilitators, Coaches + a Community Manager

We are adding to our team at The Woke Coach!

We are seeking facilitators, coaches, and a community manager. Are you the person we are seeking? Do you know someone that would like to join our team?

Send us no more than 300 words about why you want to work with The Woke Coach® and why you are the absolute best candidate there is! Please email your statement to work@thewokecoach.com.

Please title your email with one of the following subject lines depending on your interest:

  • I’m your Facilitator!

  • I’m your Coach!

  • I’m your FATA Community Manager!


  • Do not dm us.

  • Do not email us directly.

  • Do not call us.

  • Do not submit a resume.

  • Do not submit a video.

We will contact you about your submission. We might simply thank you for your submission or we might schedule a conversation.

Not only are we building a community of fierce antiracists, we are continuing to build an absolutely amazing team.

Through our programing and engagements, our clients deepen their analysis and develop an understanding around issues of racism, bias, allyship, and injustice to become the best, most understanding, empathetic version of themselves. We are looking for partners in the work of moving our clients From Ally to Accomplice®.

Join us!